Source texts of debuggers, linkers & preprocessors

    Debuggers (~130kb) DOS32 Protected Mode Debugger v1.20 (c) 1995-1996 by Adam Seychell & James Bundiono
    The debugger for executables made with DOS32 extender.
    Source text: .asm (Masm v6.1)
    Documentation: in English (~57kb) FlatBug (Debugger for flat-realmode programs) by Ken Martwick
    Debugger for programs written with B-flat C compiler.
    Source text: .b (B-flat C compiler)
    Documentation: in English (~157kb) GRDB real-mode debugger (c) by David Lindauer
    Simple debugger for real-mode, supporting flat real-mode also. Written in pure asm, it disassembles instructions up to Pentium. Compiled .exe included.
    Source text: .asm (Tasm)
    Documentation: in English (~137kb) Net Walker Simple Debug v0.3a (c) 1998 by Net Walker
    Its not a debugger but a tracer and dynamic patcher for pe .exe demonstrating the abilities of Win32 Debug API.
    Source text: .asm (32-bit Tasm v5.0)
    Documentation: in English

    Linkers (~980kb) DiceRTE Protected Mode Entwicklungssystem (c) 1996-2001 Christian Diefer
    Its a full development system for dos protected mode .pe (!!! also works in Win32) extender based on C compiler. But also here youll find sources of Dlink32, a linker able to create Win32 .pe and .dll files.
    Source text: .c (??? Dcc32 ???)
    Documentation: in German
    Home page: (~62kb) (c) 1995 by David Lindauer
    The sources of a linker are less spread, I think, but here they are. No compiled .exe, unfortunately.
    Source text: .c (Borland C)
    Documentation: in English (~26kb) Linker (C) by Bruce Evans
    A linker for C compiler (~206kb) and assembler (~90kb). Not compiled. The full sources with MS-DOS binaries can be found on home page.
    Source text: .c (GNU C)
    Documentation: none
    Home page: (~145kb) Val Experimental Linker (c) 1989 by David Troendle, updated in 1995 by Dave Dunfield
    The C source texts look very unusual, the cause being a multitude of Pascal-like macros. No idea if any compiler can swallow them. Nevertheless, the compiled .exe is present. Linker produces mz .exe, .com & .sys executables from .obj & .lib files.
    Source text: .c (Turbo C)
    Documentation: in English

    Preprocessors (~57kb) C preprocessor
    The standard C preprocessor from (~1.3Mb)
    Source text: .c (ANSI C)
    Documentation: none (~29kb) (c) 1987 by Ken van Camp
    C-like preprocessor for Pascal.
    Source text: .pas (Borland Pascal, Free Pascal)
    Documentation: none, source commented in English (~13kb) C preprocessor (C) 2003 by Robert Maul
    The standard C preprocessor rewritten from scratch. Successfully preprocesses its own source file!
    Source text: .c (GNU C)
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